Why hire a developer, when it's doable in a few steps.

Without any need of developers, generate and deploy fungible or non-fungible tokens whether it be mintable or burnable tokens in 3 or 4 easy steps.
Build My Token

Create your ERC721 token

How do I pick a token name?
You can select any name that you prefer; it'll be displayed in Etherscan and will be added to the smart token contract. Choose something that'll fit your brand accurately.
What's the symbol for?
Token symbols represent crypto-tokens which are composed of 2-10 characters (3 symbols are recommended). This symbol appears next to the token in your wallet. Just like bitcoin is represented by BTC, for Ethereum ETH. Pick something unique yet short to describe your token.
What's the sale price for?
Sale price is the base price of the selected network.
Example: If you've chosen Ethereum the price will be in Ether, for Binance the price will be in BNB and for polygon it will be in Matic.
What is URI for?
A URI pointing to a resource with mime type image/\* representing the asset to which this token represents. Consider making any images at a width between 320 and 1080 pixels and aspect ratio between 1.91:1 and 4:5 inclusive.